Latest judgments

Civil Procedure – Cancellation of Sale in Execution and claim for damages by the Deputy Sherriff discussed – Rule 110(10) and (11) envisage two separate and distinct scenarios. Rule 110(10) deals with the cancellation of the sale in execution in the situation where a purchaser failed to comply with the conditions of sale.

The appeal concerns a finding by the High Court that the Minister of Home Affairs and Immigration unlawfully denied a minor child born in South Africa through a surrogacy arrangement, citizenship by decent as contemplated by Art 4(2) of the Namibian Constitution.

Public Procurement Act 15 of 2015 – Section 55 – a bidder who is dissatisfied with an award made by a public entity may apply to the public entity for that entity to reconsider its award and the public entity must determine the application to reconsider an award by a dissatisfied bidder if such application is made – these requirements in s 55(4A) must be met or complied with before a review panel can exercise the power